As a specialist in improving organisational performance by enhancing personal and team effectiveness we have three inter-related service offerings (individual, team and organisational). ME Strategies also utilises a range of world-class assessment tools, on an as-needs basis, to optimise individual and organisational outcomes.

Individual Services

ME Strategies offers tailored personal and professional coaching programs to support individual executives in their leadership and career development. While each individual coaching program is customised to meet individual and organisational requirements, most programs incorporate some or all of the following inter-related elements:

Leadership development

  • Self-awareness and confidence in managing and influencing people and issues
  • Identify and harness strengths to optimise individual performance and business outcomes
  • Use emotional intelligence (EI) to enhance internal and external relationships
  • Build resilience in adapting to challenge and change
  • Develop vision, strategic skills and other key executive capabilities

Career development and transition

  • Establish your unique strengths & experience – what differentiates you from others
  • Identify what motivates you – core personal and professional values
  • Refresh your marketing collateral to better reflect who you are as well as what skills you offer –  lift quality of resume, written application and interview skills
  • Develop and implement a career development strategy involving research, positioning and proactively influencing and building professional networks
  • Transition effectively from middle to senior leadership roles, operational to strategic roles and between sectors

Team Development Services

(Based on both your specific organisational needs and our experience) ME Strategies designs and delivers workshops to promote more effective team dynamics to build and sustain focussed, integrated and high performing teams, drawing on the following elements:

  • Understand the principles and dynamics of high performing teams (trust, open communication, ability to deal with diverse opinions and manage conflict)
  • Apply these principles to build or strengthen a high performing team.
  • Recognise and harness the diversity of others’ thinking, problem-solving and communication styles including through the use of diagnostic and assessment tools such as ‘whole brain thinking’ to deliver better business outcomes
  • Plan and position for the future by identifying key business drivers and leveraging team and organisational dynamics

Organisational Programs and Services

(Based on both your specific organisational needs and our experience) ME Strategies offers specialised skills-based programs to build organisational capability and business performance in the following areas:

  • ‘Manager as Coach’ coaching skills programs (one to two day programs) to develop critical capability in your middle and senior leaders. Equip them to actively listen, use open questions and goal-setting methodologies to engage their teams in generating solutions, leading to improved organisational capability and performance.
  • EI – learn about and apply in practice leading edge research into the links between high levels of emotional intelligence and stronger staff and stakeholder engagement, business productivity (and personal and group) resilience.
  • Improve business outcomes through understanding and applying ‘whole brain thinking’ concepts to lift strategic problem-solving, communication and business performance.
  • Shape and respond effectively to change – better understand the drivers and dynamics of individual and organisational change and build your capacity to refocus staff efforts to adapt to new operating conditions (directives, budgets, markets, competition)
  • Career skills programs in half and full day formats focusing on improving influencing, interview performance and application writing

Assessment Tools

Our approach to assisting personal and organisational effectiveness combines experience with insights from well-established assessment tools. ME Strategies uses the following tools:

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) – a world class self-assessment tool that provides insights into the way an individual, team or organisation thinks and the profound impacts it can have on results. ME Strategies has been using the HBDI since 2007 to support individuals, teams and organisations to adapt, consider and leverage different thinking styles, not just the ‘default styles’.
  • Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment Scale – an Australian multi-rater assessment tool used to measure emotionally intelligent behaviours for the purposes of leadership development and internal talent identification. ME Strategies has used this instrument since 2008 in several organizations in conjunction with leadership development programs. The assessment provides insight into current levels of emotional intelligence and how to improve it. It can also be used at the conclusion of development programs to measure the impact or effectiveness of the development intervention.
  • The Inventory of Workplace Attitudes and Motivation (iWAM) developed in Belgium measures and describes the 48 major motivations and attitudes that impact on a person’s performance at work. ME Strategies has used this instrument primarily in individual coaching assignments to clarify strongest motivations and drivers and better align job and career fit with these.